St. Francis de Sales, our Founder, desired to “give God daughters of prayer, and souls so interior, that they may be found worthy to serve His infinite Majesty, and to adore Him in spirit and in truth.” Contemplatives by vocation, we seek within the seclusion of the cloister to develop the bond of charity in and among ourselves, sharing in the evangelization of the world by a hidden apostolic fruitfulness, giving genuine and humble witness to the fact that God is love.

The spirit of the Visitation

The spirit of the Visitation is “a spirit of profound humility toward God and of great gentleness with the neighbor”, a spirit which does not emphasize external austerity; the sisters make up for this by interior renunciation, great simplicity, and joy in the common life. Our Order honors the Virgin Mary in her mystery of the Visitation, especially in her humility and charity. The religious of the Visitation are to be the imitators of the two dearest virtues of the Sacred Heart of the Incarnate Word, sweetness and Humility.