The Choir Stalls

The Choir stalls on which the Divine Office is chanted five times a day, are over 500 years old. They are hand carved, with no nails present in the workmanship. There are over 180 individual carved flowers, no two alike, with six angels, some of which are playing such ancient musical instruments that we do not recognize them. We know that they were carved in Yorkshire, England, probably before the persecution of Catholics in that country. There are no records in the archives of Bar Convent where they were originally before they were bought for the Foundation of our Monastery of Stamullen, Ireland in the 1950’s. In 1995, they were sent to us as a gift by that Monastery. An expert in the field of ancient furniture told us that the trees in Yorkshire from which they were carved, no longer exist in England. Our Sister Mary Helena O’Connell, who became the first Superior at the Monastery in Ireland, was told that the stalls were 500 years old then. It is a great gift from God to have these here. There is an article written for the publication for the Institute of the Religious Life which tells the story of how they came to us.